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Starcraft Build Order Guides

:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Terran 4 Rax Mass Marine)

Terran 4 Rax Mass Marine

Posted by Cybermewtwo on 2010-10-20

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

All in strategy which includes a crazy swarm of marines and SCVs!

supply create notes
10construct: Supply Depot
12construct: Barracks
13construct: Refinery
16turn CC into: Orbital Command
19construct: Barracks
20construct: Barracks
20construct: Barracks

This is a once and a while type build, not standard play, do not do this every game!

Other Information
If your Zerg opponent plays out the typical Zerg vs. Terran play style, this strategy can be affective.

Beware of Banelings! Unless your micro is top notch and you can separate your Marines and snipe down Banelings, they will ruin your day.


Check out Terran 4 Rax Mass Marine in action
(Click Here for YouTube page)

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