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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(15 hatch (vs. Zerg))

15 hatch (vs. Zerg)

Posted by QueenOfBlades on 2011-04-24

Race: Zerg
Best used Versus: Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

early economic lead over common pool first openings in ZvZ

supply create notes
9unit: Overlord
15construct: Hatchery
15construct: Spawning Pool
15construct: Extractor
unit: Zergling@100% Spawning Pool
unit: Queen@100% Spawning Pool
unit: Queen@100% Spawning Pool
research: Metabolic Boost@100 gas

After getting the initial Zerglings up, it's important to figure out what the opponent is doing. The Zerglings will serve as scouts and harassment units throughout the early game. It is important that the player does not fall behind on Zergling production. Matching the opponent's Zergling count is very important. If there is nothing coming that can kill the player, a Roach Warren should be thrown down and Drones produced as much as safely possible. The goal is to saturate two bases while adding a roach warren and getting a lair. After that the common transition is mass roach play on two bases with 4 gas and 2 Evolution Chambers for upgrades. A third base should be added whenever the roach army is strong enough to put some kind of feint or pressure on the opponent.

The most important thing to recognize with the overlord is one base Baneling play. Executed properly banelings can be devastating to this build. If spotted early enough, defensive Banelings is the best answer to early aggression. If a Roach Warren has been started when the banelings get spotted, it should not be cancelled, but the player needs to be ready to block his ramp with 2 Queens and transfer any Drones in the expansion to the safety of the main base. If the opponent is expanding himself, any aggression should be halted until the mid-game. It is still vital that the scouting Zerglings are being actively used to gather information, and harass if the opportunity presents itself. Drones and Queens are the most important target.

Other Information
If an early pool is scouted, a spawning pool must go down immediately and the hatchery at the expansion should not finish. It does not need to be cancelled early, since it can buy a few seconds if the opponents attacks it with his lings to force the cancel. Proper drone micro is the only chance of survival against 9pool or earlier ling pressure. Any player attempting to use this build should familiarize himself with drone control and how to best fight any of the early pool builds available, including those where spine crawlers are built offensively.

Best used on:
*Narrow ramp that can be blocked with two Queens.
*Long rush distance.
*Short Air distances make Overlord scouting Easier.



Check out 15 hatch (vs. Zerg) in action
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