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Destiny Cloud Fist (1/1/1)

Posted by RaynorRaider on 2011-04-12

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Protoss & Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

It is called 1/1/1 because you have one barracks, one factory, one star port. Counter Everything!

supply create notes
9construct: Supply Depot
12construct: Barracks
14construct: Refinery
construct: Factory@ 150 gas
Keep building probes, marines when you have extra minerals.
Depending on what you scout, tanks or helions now from fact
construct: Refinery
construct: Starport
Vikings or Banshees from Starport

With the 1/1/1 playstyle, you pretty much have the flexibility to do whatever it you need to do prepare for your enemy's forces. Basically, focus on scouting your opponent and just prepare for all possibilities. Expos should go up when you decide to push/have the minerals.

Other Information
From what I've seen the generic 1:1:1 opening consists, of 2 early stikes, - the 5-6 marine + helion attack superbabosheki mentioned - a banshee harass expand on thor completion, and then a stage of powering followed by a "doom" push. (typicly built of helions, thors, tanks, and a raven)


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