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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(2 Hatch Hydra (vs. Protoss))

2 Hatch Hydra (vs. Protoss)

Posted by QueenOfBlades on 2011-02-20

Race: Zerg
Best used Versus: Protoss
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

2 Hatch Hydra techs up to Hydras quickly after taking an expansion, skipping the Roach Warren and Zergling Speed as a trade-off for economical gain.

supply create notes
11 Scout with Drone
unit: Drone to 13/18 supply
13unit: Zergling x 4
15unit: Queen
17unit: Zerglingx 2 (be aggressive with 6 first lings)
18unit: Overlord
18construct: Extractor(when the next larva is about to pop)
17unit: Drone
20construct: Hatchery
25evolve Hatchery into Lairwith first 100 gas
25unit: Overlord
Keep making Drones
Add Spine Crawler if playing blind or vs. confirmed rush.
When Lair is 2/3 to 3/4 finished add second extractor.
~34 around 34supply make Hydra den (when Lair finishes)
unit: DroneDrones to ~37/44
unit: Overlordthen stop producing
~37 You should be able to make 4 hydras simultaneously then 5th
Add 3rd extractor.
Hold off the rush and power Drones.

Opening up with an Overpool, the build strives to take an economic lead against a non-rushing Protoss. Getting the Hydras out in time is crucial to stop a Protoss timing push while saving the Hatchery will put you ahead substantially. Order the Overlord on 34 to place creep between your main and natural to make your Hydras a bit faster.

Drone Scout: Be sure to confirm a Cybernetics Core after Gateway build before continuing with this build. Upon scouting a 2 Gate rush or a wall-in expand you will need a different follow-up. After confirming Gateway-Core expand at your natural. If you start feeling unsafe with your lings, simply run them out of his base and sit them in his natural as scouts for his push. Do this as well if you can't get the lings in at all. Also, send one of your scouting Overlords to his natural to spot his push timing. Use further Overlords to spread creep near your natural to give you a micro advantage in the battle to come.

Other Information
Use the Queen to inject larva. With the quick Lair that follows you will mainly be using your Overlords to spread creep. The 6 Zerglings should quickly take care of the scout and then get in the Protoss' face. The important thing will be to keep your lings alive. Some Protosses will manage to block their entrance in time - don't try to force your way in. If the Protoss does allow you to run in, make sure to keep your lings alive. Deal damage to his workers if possible, but your main goal is to keep scouting around his base.If you scout him in time and can conclude no rush is coming you can opt to not make the fifth and sixth lings. Keep making Hydras until you are certain the Protoss rush is held off, then power Drone production.

This build works well on maps where you can quickly reinforce your natural from your main. Additionally, the longer the rush distance, the better. Examples include, Blistering Sands, Lost Temple. On a maps like Desert Oasis where your expansion is farther away, a different opening is generally advisable. As noted above, a short rush distance is detrimental to this build.



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