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Training Day (original patch)

Posted by RaynorRaider on 2010-09-30

Note: This build is in need of Repairs!

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Any Race
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

How to get the Combat Economy achievement Training Day, where you have to produce ten marines in 320 seconds.

supply create notes
6unit: SCVx 2
8construct: Barracks (1)@ 150 minerals
8unit: SCVStop making SCVs at 9 Supply
8-9construct: Supply Depotcreate between 8-9 supply
unit: Marines x 3 (Keep Making Marines from both Rax)
9construct: Barracks (2)
unit: Marinesx 7

Start making Marines the momment the first Barracks is done

Other Information
Use the same SCV you use to make the first Rax to make the second.

Any Map


Check out Training Day (original patch) in action
(Click Here for YouTube page)

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