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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Overpool/Speedling rush vsToss)

Overpool/Speedling rush vsToss

Posted by QueenOfBlades on 2011-02-20

Race: Zerg
Best used Versus: Protoss
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Kill the zealot wall in and win the game. Your first wave of lings arrive at 4:50-4:58

supply create notes
10unit: Overlord
10construct: Spawning Pool
9unit: Drone
[^^^^ OVERPOOL ^^^^]
10construct: Extractor
10unit: Drone10-12 supply
10unit: Queen
14unit: Zerglinguse it to kill scout
15unit: Overlord
15research: Metabolic Boost remove drones from gas
15 spam zerglings + overlords

The tactic is simple , kill the zealot wall in and win the game , your first wave of lings arrive at 4:50-4:58 so your opponent is not even close to warpgate tech and he cant hold it without at least 2-3 cannons along with a heavy zealot wall in , i have won games against 3-4 zealots wall ins along with sentries and even against a cannon wall in with 1 zealot.

Other Information
There's more than enough drones to maintain ling count especially if you pull all the gas drones and place them on minerals. Protosses that scout this will probably think you're 11 pool 18 hatching as a counter to 2 gate pressure/cannon rushing/pylon blocking the expo. I only show them 4-6 lings and harass the wall-in like zergs normally do. Meanwhile I'm rallying all my lings nearby but out of sight and just as speed is about to finish I a-move the zealot and just before it dies I a-move the reinforcements. I guess the point is to not alert the protoss that a wave of lings are incoming so they don't pull drones to pylon wall in fast enough.

On some maps, you can position your zealot so that only 1 zergling can hit it. I think that would prove a problem but not too much considering the amount of lings

all maps are good for this except shakuras maybe.

Teamliquid (http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=194610)

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