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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(6-Pylon 6-Gate Zealot Rush)

6-Pylon 6-Gate Zealot Rush

Posted by Cybermewtwo on 2011-02-20

Race: Protoss
Best used Versus: Terran
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Get Attack-ready Zealots at 3-4 minuits into the game

supply create notes
6construct: Pylon
6construct: Gateway
7-9unit: Probex 3
11unit: Zealot
12unit: Probe
12construct: Gateway
14unit: Zealotuse Chrono Boost for Zealot
14construct: Pylon
16unit: Zealotuse Chrono Boost for Zealot
17unit: Probex 2 (use Chrono Boost for these Probes)
20unit: Zealotx 2 (start sending your 3 Zealots to attack)
22construct: Pylon
23unit: Probe
25unit: Zealot
26unit: Probe
28unit: Zealotx 2 (send rest to attack)

This I would have to say is the Protoss equivalent of a 6-pool except they don't need as many units. Get your first Zealot at 2:45ish and get ready to attack by 4:00min

If not scouted in time and if your opponent didn't completely seal off their base then it's more than likely a GG

Other Information
Build your buildings close to your Nexus. Use the Pylons and Gateways to create a barrier angled at your entrance the opponent would have to go around to scout & get chased by Zealots

Great on Lost Temple

Played against in Ladder

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