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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(9 Pylon 12 Gateway)

9 Pylon 12 Gateway

Posted by mrZeratul on 2011-02-07

Race: Protoss
Best used Versus: Any Race
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Strong economy by continually building probes while still constructing a Gateway.

supply create notes
9construct: Pylon
10 Chrono Boost Nexus as soon as Pylon is ready.
12construct: GatewaySend Probe to scout.
14construct: AssimilatorFrom this point on ChronoBoost Nexus as soon as you have 25e
16construct: Pylon

If you want faster Gas simply make the Assimilator at 13 supply instead of 14. This build is fast enough to provide safety against most aggressive openings. The timing of the Gateway and the Cybernetics Core allows this opening to transition into most Protoss mid-game strategies.

Scouting with the probe that builds the pylon at 9 instead of the gateway's probe will lead to a slightly longer pause in probe production after the gateway is built.

Other Information
Any kind of transition is possible from this opening. The timing of the first Assimilator allows enough gas to be stockpiled once the Cybernetics Core is complete to allow an early Stalker or Sentry to be built. Additionally, the amount of gas allows for Warp Gate to be researched once the Cybernetics Core is done. When playing against Terran it is strongly recommended that you quickly make a Stalker if you suspect that harassment with Reapers is possible. With the speed of Reapers, most players can run around even the most skilled Zealot control. The Stalker, with its superior range and improved speed, is able to kill early Reapers and shut down such harassment, as well as having an easier job to kill off any scouting SCVs.

Teamliquid.net (http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/9_Pylon_12_Gateway)


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