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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Fast Expansion with Forge)

Fast Expansion with Forge

Posted by mrZeratul on 2011-02-05

Race: Protoss
Best used Versus: Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Really Good for Blistering Sands and Lost Temple

supply create notes
9construct: Pylonat Choke of natural
12construct: Forge
14construct: Nexusat Natural
14construct: Photon Cannonx 2 (behind the Forge)
15construct: Gateway+ 1 Zealot to block Speedling runby

This build is designed to sacrifice map control in the early-game for an economic advantage; when a sufficient amount of units has been built, the player attacks with a strong mid-game push.

The early scout after first Pylon is necessary because the early decision to place the Nexus or the cannons first depends on the scouting information.

This build is suitable only for maps with a single narrow choke that can be restricted to limit access to both the natural expansion and the main (e.g. Lost Temple). On Blistering Sands you can break the destructible rocks at the back to form a new front entrance. You should also place a Photon Cannon at the destructible rocks so the Zerg player does not break it very early with Zerglings and roaches.



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