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Fast Robotics Bay

Posted by mrZeratul on 2011-02-05

Race: Protoss
Best used Versus: Terran
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Get an early Observer, scout the enemy, and then most likely build Colossi (should you see Marines and Marauders)

supply create notes
9construct: Pylon
13construct: Gateway
15construct: Assimilator
18construct: Cybernetics Core
18construct: Pylon
19construct: Assimilator
20construct: Robotics Facilityor sooner if possible
23unit: Observer
25construct: Robotics Facility

This can be subject to change. For example, you may have to get a Stalker at 18 if you scout a Reaper rush. Additionally, some build call for the Observer a little later, but I think this is too late. You need to be very careful against a quick 6-8 Marines and 3-4 Marauder push.

When you scout with your Observer, take a look at the enemy's unit composition. If you see a lot of air units, you are going to want to grab some Stalkers (rare). In this situation, throw down another 2 Gateways.

Other Information
If you see an Marine, Marauder, and Siege Tank mix (most common), start building Immortals and Colossi. The more Marines you see, the more Colossi you will need. The more Marauders and Siege Tanks, the more Immortals you will need. Additionally, throw down another Robotics Facility to speed up unit production.

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