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Protoss 4 Gateway

Posted by mrZeratul on 2011-02-05

Race: Protoss
Best used Versus: Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

One of the more popular builds for new Protoss players is the 4 gateway build. Not a rush or a macro build

supply create notes
9construct: Pylon
12construct: GatewayBuilt at top of ramp, walling off one side
14construct: Assimilator
16construct: Pylon
18construct: Cybernetics CoreBuilt at the top of your ramp to completely wall off
18construct: Assimilator
21unit: StalkerChronoboost
21research: WarpgateChrono this repeatedly
24construct: Pylon
25construct: Gateway
27unit: Sentry
30construct: Gatewayx 2
30construct: PylonUse Probe to plant this Proxy pylon
31unit: Stalker

The idea is to try and block or wall off your entrance ramp with a Cybernetics Core and a Gateway to try and fend off your opponents early rushes. All the while you will get your economy booming and all four Gateways upgraded to Warpgates to try and get a constant build of combat units going. By building your economy up first without the worry of pumping units, you will eventually be able to overwhelm your opponent with Gateway units.

Other Information
By the time your 3rd and 4th Gateways have been built, your WarpGate tech at the Cybernetics core should be done. Make your gateways into WarpGates immediately. And start pumping out a good mix of units and move in for the attack. While attacking keep a few sentries and stalkers at your base to be able to fend off fliers from your mineral line.

Once again, it has to be stressed that the most important part of this build is walling off your 99% of your ramp to make sure the enemy can’t just run in. You should be able to fend off most attacked through the small gap, especially with ranged units. You will most often find this works well against Zerg players as they will try and send Zerglings, but because of the ramp block off, they can’t get a good surround.

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