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Starcraft Build Order Guides

:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Two Thor Early Expand)

Two Thor Early Expand

Posted by RaynorRaider on 2011-01-02

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Terran
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Get two Thors out early to defend your base, then go for an expansion

supply create notes
10construct: Supply Depot
12construct: Barracks
13construct: Refinery
15turn CC into: Orbital Command
15unit: Marine
16construct: Supply Depot
16unit: Marine
18construct: Factory(right when you get 100 gas)
18unit: Marine
21unit: Marine
22construct: Refinery
23construct: Supply Depot
24unit: Marine
25unit: Hellion
27construct: Armory
28construct: Supply Depot
28build: Techlab (on Factory)
31unit: Thor
39construct: Command Center
39construct: Supply Depot
40unit: Thor

Thors are extremely good in TvT since they can defend against Banshees, which are a popular opener as well. Plus they have a ton of hit points and can be repaired. If your opponent does an early Tank push you'll be able to kill it fairly easily, or at least keep him back. This build order will also give you enough Marines and a Hellion to do an early push to put some pressure on your opponent and kill off some of his army early on.

Other Information
Start researching upgrades for infantry and vehicles, then build up a big army of Siege Tanks & Marauders to push out with. Expand when you attack and you'll have 3 bases up and running to help you build a massive army.

After you get your expansion up you can add on a lot more Barracks, plus tech up to a Starport and get a Raven if your opponent is still using cloaking. Ravens are also extremely good against Marauders, their Point Defense Drone will make Marauders do 0 damage for a short time.

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