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Banshee Rush

Posted by Cybermewtwo on 2010-09-28

Race: Terran
Best used Versus: Protoss & Zerg
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Get banshees up in about 4-5 minuites and harass your opponents mineral lines early game.

supply create notes
9construct: Supply Depot
11construct: Refinery (1)with 3 SCVs
12construct: Barracks
15construct: Factory
15construct: Refinery (2)with 3 SCVs
19construct: Starport x 2
19construct: TechBay (Barracks)
19construct: TechBay (Factory)Swap Techlabs with Starports
19unit: Banshee x 2
upgrade: Banshee CloakingResearch this ASAP
25construct: Orbital Command

Start changing units after 4th Banshee if the game hasn't ended yet. Also be ready to defend soon since your opponent may try to send everything they have as a last resort.

Other Information
Try to fly around the enemy's base and focus your attacks on enemy worker units. The point of this build is to wipeout your enemy's income early on.

Any Map


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