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Starcraft Build Order Guides

:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(8-Pool Zergling Rush)

8-Pool Zergling Rush

Posted by QueenOfBlades on 2011-01-02

Race: Zerg
Best used Versus: Terran & Protoss
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

Get 20 Zerglings in 255 seconds achievement

supply create notes
8construct: Spawning Pool
7unit: Overlord
unit: Queen(As soon as pool completes)
unit: Zerglingx 3 (As soon as queen spawns, spawn larvae on the hatchery)
unit: ZerglingWhen money isn't a problem, kill a drone for the more supply
unit: ZerglingKeep building zerglings until the achievement pops up.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have built that 8th drone. He probably just barely pulled his weight before the time limit, and I would have rather started the spawning pool that much sooner, which would make it 7 Pool, 6 Overlord

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