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:[Starcraft Build Orders]: - Build(Baneling Rush (vs. Terran))

Baneling Rush (vs. Terran)

Posted by RaynorRaider on 2010-10-20

Race: Zerg
Best used Versus: Terran
Mode: 1 v 1
Game: Wings of Liberty

This build sacrifices economy in favor of an early Baneling and Zergling attack in the hopes of a quick win.

supply create notes
9unit: Overlord
14construct: Spawning Pool
13construct: Extractor
15unit: Overlord
17unit: ZerglingKeep making Zerglings and Overlords and using Spawn Larva
research: Metabolic Boost@100 Vespene Gas
construct: Baneling Nest@50 gas (22 supply)
unit: Baneling@100% Baneling Nest: Morph 6 Banelings near Terran base
unit: Baneling@100% Banelings: attack with the 6 Banelings & ~16 Zerglings

In order to strike at the earliest opportunity, it is important to locate the opponent's base before the Baneling nest completes. Do not forget to stop drone production or your rush will suffer.

If you scout a Terran wall composed of structures stronger than supply depots such as Barracks and Factories, you should not attempt to bust and should just play out a standard game from here.

Other Information
The Banelings attack first, taking out a Supply Depot. The speed Zerglings follow close behind then rush into the Terran base to cause maximum damage.

There are a few ways you can counter this rush, although some are more effective than others. The most rigid (and effective) counter is to preemptively wall off your ramp with a Barracks and a Factory. This, however, means that on some spawning locations, you can not add any Tech Labs or Reactors to the buildings without lifting them up. The upside is that it will require too many Banelings to push through, leaving no real Zergling threat left to deal with.


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